My Friend Nina

A long, long time ago (in a blog post far, far down this page) I made a post for my friend Marion, who’d posed so many times, that she decided that she deserved her own page on my blog! I’m reminded of this just now because my very good friend Nina has left London to return to sunny Nice and before she escaped the rain she very kindly posed for a second painted portrait. We made her first portrait in 2007 and in between Nina also posed for lots of drawings, so I thought it would be a nice thing to do again, my way to say merci beaucoup and au revoir!*

Nina 2012

So here in her own blog post, are both paintings and lots of drawings of Nina, thank you so much to her and if you’d like to see Marion’s page without scrolling through six years of my blog the link to go direct is:

*Mon Francais n’est pas bonne, mais c’est ne pas terrible parce que Nina est Mon Professor!

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