Watercolours and Working from Life.

The-Invite-2014A couple of months ago I was given a really great little watercolour set, small enough to fit nicely with my other materials into the bag I carry around with me everywhere. Watercolours have never been something that I’ve used very much, always preferring oil paint and being quite studio based for most of my work, I’ve never put in the requisite number of hours to really learn their particular characteristics and nuances. I still don’t feel that I have enough experience but I am enjoying using them for some of my recent work and they’ve sparked a new set of small scale portraits, just A6 (98 x 148mm) in size, here are the portraits so far (click on any image for full screen).

Idunn-15 Nico-02 Pious-01 Rushaa-01 W Ilaria-02 Robyn-01-W Lewis-01-W Daniela-01-W Farshad-01-W David-01-W Cecile-01-W Tina-01-W Mohammed-01-W Ahmed-01-W Lilia-01-W Ali-01-W Anna-01-W Linda-01-W Tanja-01-W Mansoor-01-W Ranjana-01-W Tahia-01-W this series is definitely ‘to be continued’.

I’ve also used the watercolours for the still life at the top of this post and a couple of other pieces:

Michael-01-W Idunn-02-W Isis-01-W-mid Daniela-02-W

A very big thank you to Annette for the watercolours! Thanks also to everyone for posing and speaking of posing, I recently wrote an explanation of why I only work from life instead of taking the easy option and working from photo, for anyone who hasn’t heard my rationale on the subject and would like to (insomniacs maybe?) the post is on LinkedIn at this address:


More soon and if you’d like to get updates on new work in the meantime there’s also Twitter @SimonTolhurst and facebook, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Simon-Tolhurst/16537193567


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