A Post Before Christmas, New Work and News


It’s been a while since my last post and with Christmas almost here I thought I’d update my blog with recent work and take the opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Xmas, Bon Noel, Buon Natale, Happy Holidays etc and so on!

It’s been a busy few months so here come lots of images!

First up is an oil on canvas still life titled “I Dreamt I Was”, here’s the painting:

I-Dreamt-I-was-01It’s a curious composition and group of objects I know, but it’s always been an attraction of the genre that it’s possible to symbolise and encode still life work with all sorts of thoughts and feelings. It’s also a great way to challenge technique by including different materials in the choice of objects and those are all the clues you’re getting!

Watercolours have become a regular material for me to work with, I’m still enjoying using them and I’ve also added some water soluble pencils to my materials, here are the latest:

Chloe-01-W Sam-01-W Anca-01-WSpencer-01-W Josie-01-W Tom-01-W Zehra-01-W



Cat-Visitor-01-WI’ve been drawing friends and new people that I meet and the LALU Portrait project is also still ongoing at University College Hospital. Here are some of the latest drawings since my last post: (click for full size)

Annabel-01 Tom-01-mid Judi-01-mid Dilek-01-mid Ann-01

Beverley-and-Maurice-01-mid Kim-and-Kai-01 Nicola-and-Jeremy-01-mid

Sam-01-mid Robert-01-mid Anisa-01-mid Susan-01-mid Maudline-01-mid

Helinda-01-mid Anne-E01-mid Marcella-and-Tom-01-mid Kristine-01-mid

Corinne-and-Ivan-01-mid Eileen-and-Brian-01-mid David-and-Debbie-01-mid


In September I was at an open day for the Camden and Islington NHS in St.Pancras Gardens where I was drawing portraits of visitors. I managed ten drawings in the five hour event, here are all the drawings from the day:

Open-Day-03 Open-Day-10 Open-Day-09 Open-Day-08 Open-Day-04

Open-Day-07 Open-Day-06 Open-Day-05 Open-Day-02 Open-Day-01

I’ve also made a couple of (scruffy) self portraits when there was no-one else to draw.

Scruffy-Self-Portrait-2014 Scruffy-Self-Portrait-2014- Self-portrait-06

Still life has been a fruitful (no pun intended) genre lately, here’s “Still Life with Roses” which is linked to another painting from earlier in the year, (“Malachite, Hematite, Ammonite, Tiger Eye, Lapis Lazuli”), from an earlier blog post. Here’s the picture:


It’s been a busy and productive year and it’s been a pleasure to meet and draw so many wonderful people, thank you to everyone who posed in 2014! Thanks as well to everyone at UCH and LALU for the opportunity to work on such a wonderful project (which now has over one hundred drawings produced).


I’ve also had the chance to try my hand at a few new things, from watercolours and acting as photographer (for LALU’s Bridgathon fund raising event) to Halloween face painting!

DSC_0151 DSC_0182 DSC_0215

IMG_4258 IMG_4266 IMG_4265

It’s also been a pleasure to see some of my paintings in their new homes in far flung places, thanks so much to Daniela for these photo’s!

RIMG0019 RIMG0008

Finally for this post (and this year) here’s a Christmas still life using watercolours and colour pencils and I’d like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and all best wishes for the new year! Thanks for reading!





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