Painting, painting, painting!

DSC_0080I normally publish a new page on my blog when I complete a painting but a combination of being very busy and having several paintings in progress led me to wait for a little longer and publish three new paintings at the same time.

First up is a self portrait painted in a couple of weeks during February.


IMG_1920 IMG_1938 IMG_1922 IMG_1925

I used a mirror to make the painting and in the background are several older pieces that were at the top of the stack of paintings in my studio at the time including “Dimitra Still Life”, “Vivien” and “Tom”.

I usually have a still life painting on the go and here is the latest, “Malachite, Hematite, Ammonite, Tiger Eye, Lapis Lazuli”.

Malachite-Hematite-Ammonite                        MHATELI-detail-05 MHATELI-detail-03

In addition to the crystals in the title, I’ve included a print of a laminate piece I made last year. It started as a drawing visit to the Grant Museum with a friend, this is the drawing and the laminate piece which made the print in the painting:

Sheep-skull-02-mid IMG_1845

Last but certainly not least, my portrait of Lewis is finished after several sittings over the last few months

Lewis-2014 IMG_2425 IMG_2420

DSC_0077Thank you very much to Lewis for all the time spent posing!

There are several paintings currently falling under the category of “in progress” so more to post soon. Thanks as always for visiting my blog!

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