Portrait Artist in Residence, One Year On.

Holly-Lewis-Harley-and-ChrisIt’s been a year since I began working on a project as portrait artist in residence at the MacMillan Cancer Centre, University College London Hospital. The project is organised and run by the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Unit (LALU) charity at UCLH and I’ve been visiting on a weekly basis to make portraits of people using the centre. Everyone who poses receives a free signed print of their drawing and I’m intending to exhibit the drawings at a future date.

Here are the latest drawings from the project between my last blog post and now (click on any image for full size).

Annette-02-mid Ukpong-01-mid Roger-01-mid Nora-01-mid Ian-01-mid Ingie-01-mid Alan-01-mid Rick-01-mid Alec-01-mid Donath-01-mid Keith-01-mid Jill-01-mid Kemi-01-mid Michael-02-mid Betty-01-mid Giuseppe-01-mid Olwen-01-mid June-01-mid Adam-01-mid Alison-01-mid Ann-01-mid Anne-L01-mid Milly-01-mid Teresa-01-mid Lola-01-midJeff-01-mid Albert-01-mid Monica-01-mid Martha-01-mid Katie,-Alex-and-Jay-01-mid

David-and-Girolamo-01-mid Janice-and-Brenda-01-mid Shirley-and-Derek-01-mid Dawn-and-Ray-01-mid Sue-and-Mac-01-mid Jane-and-Ben-01-mid Miri-and-Devora-01-mid Krasimir-and-Stefanie-01-mi Janet-and-Alex-01-mid Amy-and-Anne-01-mid Charmaine-and-James-01-mid Holly-Lewis-Harley-and-Chris

I especially want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who’s posed! It’s a privilege to be working in this environment and a pleasure to make the drawings and I’m very grateful too for the wonderful feedback from patients, relatives and staff.

Thanks also to Sara and Steve at LALU for proposing and running the project and to all the staff at the MacMillan Cancer Centre/UCLH who are all just brilliant.

I’m also very grateful to London Graphics Centre and Copycats for their support.

Other drawings from the project are on previous blogposts and the post with all the information on the project is here:


IMG_2820 IMG_2813 IMG_2824

LLU-logo-smallcopycats logologo (2)

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