UCLH Staff Portraits by Video Call!


Cancer Data Dive, Product Forge, Edinburgh 2017

Creative Comfort…

CreativeComfort 01CreativeComfort 02CreativeComfort 03CreativeComfort 04

In order to further support staff wellbeing at UCLH during this extremely difficult time, the Arts & Heritage team have brought together artists working at UCLH to offer creative ways to de-stress. Creative Comfort is an online resource of colouring sheets and instructional sessions or videos on creative activities like origami!

My portrait project for Haematology Cancer Care, making portraits of patients and their families in the Daycare unit of the Cancer Centre, is not running during the current Covid-19 situation to reduce the number of non clinical people (like me) entering the building.

I always work from life rather than using photos so drawing people is difficult during this period of social distancing and self isolation. These days though we all have a webcam on our laptop or a camera on our phones and we’re all learning to use video calling as a way to keep in touch with our loved ones at the moment. I’ve made drawings using video calling in the past and I think it’s an interesting mix of using a camera and drawing from life. (https://wordpress.com/post/simontolhurst.wordpress.com/1201)

Skype 03-mid

Guy and Laura from UCLH Arts & Heritage suggested using video calling as a way to draw members of staff at the hospital who might like to have their portrait made and I think it’s a great idea! I’m really pleased to be able to offer my support and I’m hoping to make a whole new set of portraits of the amazing staff at UCLH. Drawings will take 30 mins and I’ll make prints for participants after the lockdown ends. We hope that it might be a nice way to enjoy a quiet moment during this extremely stressful time for everyone working at the hospital.

To arrange a portrait sitting, please contact Laura: laura.bradshaw7@nhs.net

CreativeComfort MyUCLH  CC Portrait Project

I’ve also contributed a design for the colouring sheets that Creative Comfort have produced. The colouring sheets are available for staff to download from the intranet (or direct from Laura) and they’ve also been printed and left in staff respite areas together with some colouring pencils!

Here are a few of the designs for colouring sheets by Creative Comfort:


My design of aerial acrobats is adapted from one I made a couple of years ago for a patient at the Cancer Centre, which went on to be a journal cover for a gift.

Well done to all the artists involved and I hope the staff enjoy all the creative activities on offer!

Here’s my colouring sheet, the original design and the journal it was created for:

Aerial Acrobats colouring sheet final   Aerial Acrobats 2018 Aerial Acrobats Design on Journal


Thank you very much to Guy and Laura at UCLH Arts & Heritage for including me.

And a huge thank you to all the staff at UCLH (and the wider NHS) for everything you do, especially at this difficult time!

#CreativeComfort #OneTeam #NHSheroes


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Last Chance to See and New Work on Show.


It seems like a long while ago now since the busy, bustling private view of The Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Painting Prize at Piano Nobile Gallery in Kings Place, Kings Cross. The exhibition opened on May 23rd and there’s now less than a month to the exhibition’s last day on Friday 11th October.

IMG_1587 IMG_1598

I’m really pleased to have been selected for this exhibition and the venue is fantastic, it’s well worth checking out before the closing date.


Do say: “What a lively selection of different approaches, techniques and media by the variety of artists in the exhibition”.

Don’t say: “I prefer the Green & Fortune sign next to your painting Simon!”

IMG_1936 IMG_1939

As The Ruth Borchard draws to a close, I’m delighted to say that there are a couple of other pieces that I have available to view in a public setting. First up is a drawing from the Portrait Project at the UCLH Cancer Centre. The drawing of Katie, Alex and Jay is part of the latest exhibition at the University College Hospital Street Art Gallery.

The gallery is in the main hospital building at 235 Euston Road and is part of the staff art exhibition. It’s the first time I’ve exhibited one of the original drawings from the project and I hope to have news soon of a more comprehensive display of some of the 300+ drawings that I’ve made whilst visiting the Chemotherapy Daycare Unit at the Cancer Centre to make portraits of patients with their families and friends. The staff art exhibition is open until the 6th November.


ALIM Screenshot

Lastly, I also have a piece in the charity exhibition A Letter in Mind, a selection of donated works in support of the National Brain Appeal, where all the artworks are completed on envelopes and exhibited anonymously with buyers only finding out the identity of the artist at the end of the exhibition. The exhibition includes works by Olaf Eliafson, David Shrigley, Mark Dion, Chantal Joffe, Ishbel Myerscough, Mark Entwistle, Morag Myerscough, Luke Morgan, Polly Dunbar, Tom Hammick, Adebanji Alade, Laurie Chetwood, Andrew Grant, Amin Taha, Harry Pye, Gill Rocca, Rob Reed and Kate Sherman. Stephen Campbell Moore, Sophie Thompson, Terry Hall, James Johnson, Kevin Eldon, James Fleet and Jo Brand also have their creative talents on display. There are over 420 works in the show and it opens at The OXO Tower Gallery in just a few day’s time on the 26th September. All the works are priced at £85 which is an incredibly low price for some of the artists listed above and all of the proceeds go to the National Brain Appeal which raises funds to advance treatment and research at The National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery and the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology.

I can’t post an image of my piece until after the show but here is my drawing of Annamari from last year’s exhibition:

IMG_0503 IMG_0497


Online Gallery

I hope you enjoy the exhibitions if you visit and thanks as always for reading my blog!


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Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize Exhibition 2019

I’m delighted to say that my recent self portrait is one of the paintings in the Biennial Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Exhibition 2019 at Piano Nobile Gallery, Kings Place. The exhibition opens tomorrow (Friday 24th May) and runs until the end of September.


The history of the exhibition is really interesting. Ruth Borchard was a writer who collected self portraits by British and Irish artists. https://ruthborchard.org.uk/about/

She decided to collect self portraits because they were the closest thing to autobiography in visual art and she created a collection of 100 pictures by some very notable names. The prize was started in 2011 and is a biennial open exhibition for self portraits.

You can see the work in the exhibition via the online catalogue and there are some great pieces in the show so I’m doubly pleased that my painting has been included!


The exhibition is at Piano Nobile Gallery, Kings Place, 90 York Way, Kings Cross, London N1 9AG

One last thing that I found when reading up about Ruth Borchard was this short film which is a charming and fascinating insight to how Ruth built her collection as told by her daughter Katherine Halgarten.

Thank you very much to the organisers and congratulations to all the artists!


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The Naked Truth and Back to the Drawing Board


My week is a Venn diagram. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are spent working for Haematology Cancer Care, the charity at UCLH which supports the haematology unit’s patients and staff. On Thursdays I return to my creative work and draw as part of the portrait artist project that was my first involvement with HCC and ultimately led to the role I now do for the charity as a Fundraising Officer.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are my days to be in the studio, hopefully paintbrush or pencil in hand. This routine is markedly different from the one I had for more than twenty years where I had all my day time to paint and spent my evenings keeping the wolf from the door by working at ULU. Getting used to this new creative rhythm whilst also adapting to and learning a new role has been challenging, leading to a studio with several paintings started but still in an unfinished state and this rather overdue blog entry, even by my standards!

Drawing however has offered a chance to keep my eye and hand coordinated, create images in one sitting and to provide an antidote to work and life stress, of which there’s plenty going around. Having taught life drawing, I’m reminded of the advice I’ve given my students in the past. Drawing regularly is a way to keep producing work whilst keeping at bay the sometimes overwhelming demands of life.

Here then are some of my recent life drawings and as this page title suggests, that means nudes so please don’t go further if you might be offended. As for my relatively recently acquired symmetrical week, that’s now also under threat of changes not dissimilar to those I experienced at ULU. Maybe the naked truth is that good things don’t always last and I’d better get back to the drawing board.






Thanks for reading.

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Recent Drawings and News! (Of the BBC Variety).

Earlier this month the BBC News website published a short piece on the Portrait Artist in Residence project for Haematology Cancer Care Charity at UCLH. The BBC had visited the Cancer Centre a few weeks before to film for a 6 O’ Clock News item in the Daycare area and the producer had seen the displays of the drawings from the project. After some time to arrange the details the BBC very kindly came back to the hospital to make a time-lapse film whilst I drew one of the patients.



BBC News

Screen shot from bbc.co.uk/news/health

My model for this drawing, Lucy, had been asked in advance of the filming day if she would mind taking part by posing and being interviewed for the film. I’m extremely grateful to her for accepting, thank you Lucy!


I’ve also been very grateful for the many lovely messages that I’ve received since the film appeared online, thank you so much to everyone doing so! It’s very encouraging to receive so many kind and positive comments in response to the film which has had an amazing reach through the BBC News page and their Lifestyle and Health Facebook page.



Making the drawing itself was a little bit different to usual due to the requirements of making a time-lapse film. The drawing had to be fixed on a flat surface so that there was no movement which would cause problems for the filming. Usually I have the drawing at an angle and it was a little inhibiting for the normal movements of my hand and wrist whilst drawing. Plus there was a sizeable camera poking over my shoulder and the oddness of wearing a radio mic but Lucy was a brilliant model and Sarah and Ed from the BBC were very helpful and great to work with.

Thank you very much to the BBC for making the film, to UCLH and the Comm’s team for organising everything and of course to Lucy again for posing! Thank you as always to Sara and Steve at Haematology Cancer Care for organising the Portrait Artist project.



Despite answering lots of messages I have found time to do some more drawings since my last post, here are some of them:


Michael-C-01 Anne-J-01




Thank you to everyone posing for me recently!

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A Quick Update and Major Life Changes


I thought I’d give a quick update to my rather overdue blog, quite a lot has happened since my last post and although I’ve been posting new work on Facebook and Twitter, my WordPress has been slightly neglected. For those not wanting to wait more than a year for an update here are the links to my other pages:

facebook logo 4      https://www.facebook.com/Simon-Tolhurst-16537193567/

images    https://www.twitter.com/simontolhurst


University of London Still Life 2016 Oil on Canvas

In the Summer last year, my long term employment with the University of London came to an end. I started working at ULU (University of London Union) in 1991 shortly after finishing college and over the years it’s been a great place for me to work, allowing me to develop my artists’ practice, gain teaching experience and even exhibit my artwork (the building still has three large scale pieces of my work on the walls, installed in 2005). I also got to see some of my favourite bands play and I got to work with several people who’ve gone on to do big things like Will Champion of Coldplay fame and Ricky Gervais of.. well.. Ricky Gervais fame!

I’ve made some great friends and several of them have been wonderful models too. Thank you to everyone I worked with at ULU over the years, especially the student staff, you were always terrific.

Stella-and-Myrthe-01 Laila-01 Daniel-01 Idunn-23 Stella-02 Zoe-06

When the University told the staff at ULU last summer that we were to be outsourced to another company I decided to move on and I’m delighted to have joined Haematology Cancer Care at UCLH as their Fundraising and Engagement Officer since January of this year.


It’s a brilliant charity, doing some really great projects to support the patients, their families and the Haematology Unit, check out HCC’s Twitter and Facebook here:

https://www.twitter.com/HCC_UCLH and https://www.facebook.com/HaematologyCancerCare/

My role is part time which should (once I’ve got the hang of things completely) give me time to continue my creative output and it also allows me to continue with the Portrait Artist in Residence project at UCLH. Instigated by Steve Roper (artist and arts organiser) and Sara Goldman (Head of Fundraising at HCC), I’ve been visiting the hospital on a weekly basis to make portraits of the patients. The project is free and all participants get signed prints of their drawing and I’m hoping to exhibit the originals. I’ve got too many drawings since my last post to add them all here but below are some of the recent ones:

Shirley-01 Vincent-01 Olha-01

Derick-01 Lorna-P-01 Karim-01



Thank you very much to everyone who has posed for me recently!

Lastly, here are some other images since my last post:

Esther-01 Basit-01 Self-Portrait-17-5-16

Male-nude-32 Female-nudes-14 Male-nude-35



Thank you for visiting my blog!

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A Short Film by Katie Taylor and my Goldfish on YouTube!


Earlier this year I was asked if I would mind being filmed for a short documentary film by Katie Taylor, who is studying Film, Television and Digital Production at Royal Holloway, University of London. Katie needed a subject for her documentary project and as well as being helpful, I was interested to see what the resulting film would look like. We set a date and Katie asked her friend Emily Davidson-Brett, who is studying Fine Art in Bristol, to be the model for a portrait drawing.

Emily travelled from Bristol on the day to pose for the drawing whilst Katie filmed and the finished film (including my goldfish, Gauguin, in the opening shots) is now on YouTube!

The drawing took just under two hours with a break in the middle and Emily was a fantastic model, thank you so much to her for coming to pose!

The music in the film is by The Bays, who are an amazing music act who don’t record or release albums and singles instead they perform live, with the motto “Performance is the Product”, often with guest musicians and collaborators. I’ve seen them many times and every time is different but brilliant, if they’re playing near you any time soon you should really check them out.




Thank you very much to Katie for asking me to be her subject and congratulations for the finished piece. I think it captures what it’s like to come and pose in my workspace really well, other people who’ve modelled for me here will be reminded I’m sure, of hours spent sitting!

Thanks again to Emily for posing and the best of luck to both Katie and Emily in their future studies and projects. Thank you also to The Bays!


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An Overdue Blog Post with lots of Pictures!



It’s becoming customary for me to start each blog post with “it’s been a while since I posted” and this time is no exception! So here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been up to with pencil and paintbrush since my last post.

Firstly it’s now been three years of making portraits at the UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre on behalf of the Haematology Cancer Care UCLH charity. Since August 2013 I’ve made more than 200 drawings of patients, their family and friends, as well as some of the staff and volunteers at the hospital and the HCC charity. Here are some of the latest:

Recently finished paintings include:

Thank you very much to Yoni for posing for her portrait!

The watercolours have also made an appearance again for some student portraits:

And it’s been such a long time since I properly updated my blog that I hadn’t posted these images from last September’s Camden and Islington NHS Family Fun Day at St.Pancras Gardens. I was there to make portraits of visitors and managed to make 13 drawings during the 5 hours of the event. Thank you very much to Daniela for the photo’s!

Finally (and well done/thank you if you’ve made it this far!) here are some of the other images from the past few months since I last updated the page.

Thank you so much as always to everyone posing! I really appreciate it.

As a last image, here’s a pencil drawing of Cracken Edge in Derbyshire, drawn last year on one of my visits home to see my family. I’d really like to take my oil paints up there and spend some time painting this view but life, London and unwanted developments with my job at the University of London have all conspired to thwart my hopes of a painting holiday at Mum’s…

When I eventually get there it will be raining!


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Summer Salon exhibition at Candid Arts

I’m very pleased to be exhibiting five pieces of my work at the Summer Salon exhibition opening this week at the Candid Arts Trust in Angel Islington. The exhibition is open from Friday 1st to Sunday 10th July, 12-6pm and the private view is Thursday 30th June 6-9pm.

There are lots of artists showing in the exhibition and the Candid Gallery is a lovely venue just around the corner from Angel tube station, they also have a very nice cafe!


The exhibition is free and all works are for sale, hope you can make it!

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Drawing news, Painting news and Newsnight news!

Newsnight 2015It’s been a very long time since my last post here on WordPress, about six months and during that time I’ve been continuing to work on the project for LALU at University College Hospital as well as having people pose for me at my studio for paintings and drawings. The photo above is a screengrab from Newsnight’s NHS debate just before the election which was broadcast from the Macmillan Cancer Centre where I spend my Thursday afternoons drawing people and the displays of portraits from the project were visible in the background during the programme. Here are some of the latest drawings, photo’s of the displays and a photo of me drawing at the centre taken by Sara from LALU (click any image for full size).

Joe-and-Eve-01-mid David-and-Naeema-01-mid Juan-and-Magdelena-01-mid Shobha-and-Kishor-01-mid Christine-01-mid Hafida-01-mid Teoman-01-mid Nora-02-mid Virginia-01-mid Zattam-01-mid Monika-01-mid Siggi-01-mid Eric-01-mid Momenul-01-mid Lorraine-01-mid Jennifer-01-mid Kenisha-01-mid Lorna-01-mid Patricia-01-mid Francesca-and-James 01-mid Sandra,-Nicola-and-Steve-01 Albana-01-mid Colin-and-Barbara-01-mid Kay-C-02-mid Samira-and-Habiba-01-mid Luz-01-mid Amanda-01-mid IMG_5172 IMG_5430 IMG_5426 IMG_5424 IMG_5433

I’ve also got a couple of new paintings to publish here, the first is a quick oil sketch of Idunn. Painted in one sitting, it’s a little different in style to my normal portraits over several posing sessions, here’s the image:


The second is the latest in what has become a series of still life paintings with a common theme, this one is titled “Still Life with Tulips” 2015

Still-Life-with-Tulips-2015 Still-Life-with-Tulips-d02 Still-Life-with-Tulips-d01

And here are some of the other drawings from the last few months, thank you to everyone for posing!

Idunn-15 Zehra-02 Roddy-01 Verena-01 Natasha-01 Jenny-02 Jenny-01 Cat-visitor-03 Daniela-05 Racha-01 Verena-02 Jenny-and-Alan-01 Bonnie-01 Female-nude-105 Male-nudes-03 Skype-11 Female-nudes-10 Male-nudes-04

As always, you can see latest work on Twitter (https://twitter.com/SimonTolhurst) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Simon-Tolhurst/16537193567) and I’ll finish this post as I started it, with inconsequential tv news. A long while ago I was one of several artists drawing the subject of a tv reality show who was life modelling for the first time. The resulting show is called “Man Up!” and I’ve never actually seen it, in fact the only person I know who has is one of our security guards at work. He didn’t manage to record the show but he did get me a couple of screen shots from it, so thank you to Brian and to bookend this post here are the photo’s!

ManUp02 ManUp01

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