My Friend Idunn

Idunn 10

My latest painting, a portrait of Idunn, is finished and seeing as it is Idunn’s second painting to add to the many drawings she’s posed for I think it would be nice to gather them all together in one blog page as a way of saying thank you to her! Here’s the latest painting, rather a lot of drawings and my first painting of Idunn from 2011.


Idunn-08-mid Idunn-11-web Idunn05 Idunn01 Idunn-15 Idunn04Idunn-knitting-dk Idunn02 photo Idunn-07 Idunn03 dk

Idunn 09 Idunn 2011

Idunn-and-Rembrandt-01Idunn 2010     IMG_0360

A huge thank you to Idunn!

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2 Responses to My Friend Idunn

  1. Idunn says:

    And many thanks back to you, for many many lovely evenings and large amounts of tea:) I hope for a repeat soon:)

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