Drawing, drawing, drawing!


I’ve been drawing a lot recently, life drawings, portrait drawings, drawings using Skype, even drawing for a tv programme.

Here are some of the recent portraits:

Venia-01-mid Anthony-01-mid Kath-01-mid Kenzo-01-mid Rushaa-01-midMuazu-01-mid Ammie-01-mid Nico-01-mid Robyn-01-mid Brenda-01-mid    Lewis-02-mid Nushin-01-mid Misha-01-mid Rochy-01-mid Melvyn-01-mid

For the tv show I mentioned I was one of several artists drawing the subject of the programme, who’d been challenged to pose nude for an art class. The drawings were then exhibited in a Shoreditch gallery and members of the public invited to chat to the model about the drawings. “Man Up!” is on Fox/Sky Tv in October.

Betty-tv-01 Betty-tv-03

Here’s the drawing from the tv show together with some other recent life drawings:

Male-nude-20-mid Female-nude-97-mid Female-nude-96-mid Female-nudes-05-mid

I’ve also been using Skype as a way of having people pose who are otherwise too far away to come to my studio. If the sitter has a good quality webcam and adjustable lighting conditions it’s now much more possible to do. I’ve been moving further away from working from photographs for several years but this is an interesting mix of ‘from life’ and photo, requiring the model’s patience and time, allowing a self portrait to be mixed with the main drawing, there are a number of things about drawing this way that pose interesting questions. Here are some of them:

Skype 03-mid Skype-06-mid

Skype 02-mid Skype 01 mid Skype-08-mid

Kenzo from http://www.lovelifedrawing.com also recorded a second podcast with me at my studio, this time on portraits, this is the link if you’d like to hear it:


and finally… after all that drawing/posing, maybe it’s time for a lie down or a nap!



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