“An Equinox of Love” Film Shoot and Exhibition


It’s been a busy few weeks with lots of painting sessions with my current sitters, a podcast interview and an exhibition for a film!

I was intrigued when Cherish Mutumbara and Magnetic Hill Films asked if they could use my work to represent the artwork of a character in a film production called “An Equinox of Love”. For the film they needed to shoot some scenes at an exhibition private view, so we found a space, brought the work in and hung an exhibition for one day’s filming over the weekend.

Shoreditch-2013-hang-03 Shoreditch-2013-hang-24

Shoreditch-2013-hang-26 La-Belle-Noiseuse-07

Thanks to Ranx at Shoreditch Studios we were able to install the exhibition there on Friday night ready for the shoot on Saturday. It was great to install the work in such a wonderful space, I’ve actually displayed work there before for a Hoxton Pimps event in 2005 and it’s a very characterful and adaptable place to exhibit art.

The filming went well and it was great fun to be involved, thank you to Cherish, to Lydia Orange (the beautiful actress playing the part of the artist) and to all the cast and crew at Magnetic Hill films and everyone who came down to either be an extra in the film or to see the exhibition. Here are some photo’s of people arriving in the space before filming started:

Shoreditch-2013-10 Shoreditch-2013-09 Shoreditch-2013-14 Shoreditch-2013-13 Shoreditch-2013-12 Shoreditch-2013-11

I also need to say a thank you to artist Steve Roper for his help with the exhibition hang and photographer Jason Wilde for taking the photo’s of me and for helping with transport.

The work I used for the show was a mix of portraits, still lives, digital giclee prints, one nude and one laminate work, 24 pieces in total, a mix of recent work and older paintings.



It was the first time I’ve exhibited “La Belle Noiseuse” and I decided to display it standing on the floor rather than mounted on the wall and I was very happy with how that worked for the piece. It’s also the first time I’ve been able to photograph it in a gallery setting so I’ve finally got some good photo’s of it:

La-Belle-Noiseuse-05  Shoreditch-2013-hang-30


The film is being entered into several film festivals after it’s completed including Cannes, Sundance, Berlin Film Festival and others and I’m really looking forward to seeing it myself! More news and images from this soon I hope.

Shoreditch-2013-07 Shoreditch-2013-05 Shoreditch-2013-02

Shoreditch 2013 Me 05

Lastly, there is now a podcast interview with me on the subject of life drawing. Thank you to Kenzo Fry of www.lovelifedrawing.com for thinking of me and for coming to my studio to record the interview a couple of weeks ago, here’s the link:


More news soon and as always thanks for visiting my blog!

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