First photo’s of new laminate and Hello to the old Studio!

I’ve finally managed to take some photo’s of my new laminate artwork that I’ve been planning and working on for a long, long time. The original images date from 2007/8 and I’ve had the composition worked out for quite a while but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to finalise the image and laminate the individual pieces ready for assembly. The photo’s aren’t the greatest as I was standing on a chair holding the camera over the table with the work and they’re not the easiest works to photograph anyway, they’re not rigid and they’re very reflective when laminated but here are the first pics I have:

The piece is designed as a diptych (two images hinged together) and my next job is to assemble it! More photo’s to follow…

It’s also been a few weeks now since I moved back to my old studio, something I’m very happy about! There were lots of things I missed about the place and I’ve really enjoyed them since I’ve been back, so much so that here are a few photo’s of some of them 🙂


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