“Glass Half Full” and huge thanks to the Saatchi Gallery!

My latest still life “Glass Half Full” is finished and should be followed soon by my other works in progress as I start to get ready for another change of home in a few weeks. This is hopefully my last change of address for some time as I’m not cut out for a nomadic existence and this will be my third move in nine months! Here’s the painting:

I’ve also been contacted by the Saatchi Gallery recently to say that they have re-hung the Showdown winners space at the gallery and that my piece has been put into storage. “Dimitra” has been on show for two years! I’d just like to take the chance to say a huge thank you to them for displaying it for such a long time.

Thank you to the Saatchi Gallery!

I also have to say thank you to Saatchi Online, who posted/tweeted my website address at the beginning of June which resulted in several hundred visitors to my website in just 24hrs! (https://www.facebook.com/#!/saatchionline). This smashed my previous record for most visitors in a day and had me wondering what was going on until I saw the post. Thank you to them for the publicity, it’s always really nice to realise that people are able to see my work even if it’s not currently showing in a gallery.

Twitter is something new to me and partly because of the Saatchi tweet I opened an account. I don’t think I’ll be tweeting on a daily basis but I will use it for news about my work. For anyone who wants to add me on twitter my username is @SimonTolhurst.

Lastly, here are some latest drawings, as always thanks to everyone who posed for me recently!

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