Hello world! 1st post on WordPress

Dimitra 2002

I’ve taken the chance to migrate my blog from Microsoft’s MSN Spaces to WordPress and I’m hopeful that this move will allow me to restore my images to my blog and post new ones! It’s been more than 12 months during which time the images have been blocked because they contained life drawings and paintings, images of the nude, which contravened Microsoft’s no nudity rule. Having read the terms and conditions for WordPress the rule is no pornography so I think I should be able to post images again, we’ll see as soon as I get the hang of the new site šŸ™‚

In the meantime recent news is that my piece “Dimitra” is still on display in the Saatchi Gallery, although you might need a map to find it (1st floor function room above the cafe, contact me for free map!)

I was also lucky enough to be at the Tate Modern’s opening of the new Gauguin show on Tuesday night, thank you to Novella for the invite and to all the great and the good who allowed me to press a business card on them with my website details, I hope you didn’t mind too much and that you enjoyed looking at the images.

That’s it for now, images to follow and more blogging later!

Mixed Media Laminate 2002

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