The section you’ve all been waiting for…

That’s right, a new section dedicated to Nudes

41 drawings and paintings

Check it out unless you’re easily offended. Comments are welcome as always but keep them clean please!

PS    some names have been changed to protect the innocent.

PPS  no, that doesn’t include you AJ!  

PPPS  interestingly, MSN wouldn’t let me title the photo album as “Nudes” so it’s down as “Life drawings and Paintings”. Here’s hoping I don’t get pulled for obscenity

Update (Oct2010)

I’ve made some changes again to the selection of images from the original blog entry and all the images are again in my facebook page photo albums.

My comment regarding being restricted by msn in the title of the section turned out to be ironically accurate when, two and a half years later, microsoft blocked all images on my site, nude or not, for more than a year. Later blog entries “Art or Offensive?” and “Hello World! First post on WordPress” have more info on this.

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9 Responses to The section you’ve all been waiting for…

  1. Soma says:

    Don’t worry Simon, if my page hasn’t been done for obscenity, yours definitely won’t be.
    A word to the wise though: You did check out the small print when you signed up for this Space, didn’t you? Because what you agreed was that Micrsosft Corp own all rights to EVERYTHING you publish here…
    Must get back to the Salon de Ginevre – I am exprecting guests.

  2. simon says:

    Eek! I had no idea! Thanks for the heads-up.
    Any suggestions apart from not putting pictures of my work up?
    Mind you, if Microsoft CAN make any money out of my pics I should talk to them about being my art dealer!
    Thanks for the comment Joss and nice space too! I’ll reciprocate as soon as I’ve read through all the bloggage you’ve got there 🙂
    Best wishes,

  3. Soma says:

    Eek! ‘Exprecting guests?’ Now what could that mean? I shudder to think…A little proof reading wouldn’t go amiss on MSN.
    I think you can get around the rights problem by uploading your pictures with an online file/picture hosting service and publishing the link in your blog – BUT you will have to check the fine print of the file hosts.
    The Microsoft ownership of contents issue is a notorious one…I am not aware that it has been tested in court yet so far, but you don’t want it to be tested on YOU, or indeed to find that Microsoft Corp are preventing you from selling your work because they already own it…
    Don’t you love biting the hand that electronically hosts you? I  do.

  4. simon says:

    Hmm.. so much to think about, all I want to do is show my work (grumble).
    I like the msn space because it’s easy to show the pics, having links out to each piece on another image hosting site sounds less fun to do or look at.
    My initial reaction to the idea of msn claiming ownership is disbelief, they host the digital photos, I’m sitting next to a large pile of oil on canvas. Possession is nine tenths of something or other I seem to remember. It makes me feel like bristling with fighting talk, "Go ahead and try it! I could use the publicity!". The headline could be Bill wrestles Simon for ownership of Nudie Webpics!
    However, you’ve made me feel a bit like I do before signing my tenancy agreement and having had an art school education maybe it would be a good idea to check into this. Thanks again for dispelling some of my web innocence and keep on biting 🙂
    PS "exprecting guests" didn’t conjure up any terrible images, I think you got away with it, (what’s an extra consonant between bloggers?)
    All best,

  5. deardoctor says:

    Well, I’d certainly like to see more nudes! And no; no obscenity to be found. I shall give it a PG-13 rating. It is true that some pics will have to be seen accompanied by adults. Yes Simon, that excludes YOU. The adult bit that is….;-)

  6. simon says:

    Hi Donald 🙂
    Thanks for the comment and the Parental Guidance rating, I feel that’s fair. As for me being an adult, well, you should just respect your elders you cheeky young scamp!

  7. Heather says:

    My favourite is ‘Evangelia with Roses 1998’.

  8. simon says:

    Thankyou PhilosophicalOne. The painting of Evangelia is one of many I made of her but one that many people have said they like the most when I’ve included it in exhibitions. We were on a trip to Amsterdam and I’d just bought the roses from the flower market, the painting is set in the hotel room.
    I think something of the happiness of the time is conveyed through the painting. There’s also a second painting of Evangelia with Roses in the Portraits section.

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